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Reading is one of the greatest joys in life, the pure magic of storytelling on paper.   Samati Press chooses books to publish based on the belief that all good books should bring something positive—make you think, make you laugh, remind you of precious memories, teach you about history or different cultures, or provide pure entertainment. That positive effect will then be reflected through the readers to the world at large.

Samati Press is not a traditional publisher, nor is it a standard hybrid with specific packages for authors to choose from. Our goal is to abide by the highest professional standards of writing, editing and publishing, while nurturing and supporting the individual writer's own personal voice. That means our agreements and arrangements with authors we publish are individually tailored to that book and that author's vision, while adhering to our high publishing criteria.

Samati Press has published a wide variety of books. We do not, however, publish either erotica or children's books. Erotica has a large following, but does not suit our publishing mission. Children's books require specialized skills, both for text and illustrations, and are best suited for publishers who are experts in that genre. If you need a publisher for your Erotica or Children's book, please send me a message (contact us), or via the "Let's Chat!" box, and we will try to provide you with a referral link.

Newest Releases

From Hindsight to Insight, Front Cover (6 × 9 in).jpg

Available since November 1, 2022 paperback anfd kindle.


Could it be that whenever we say, "I can't do that," or "I don't have time to try that," or "I don't want to do that," we're ignoring an opportunity?  Could it be that saying yes more often in life almost guarantees more opportunities?  The author believes that nothing in life is an accident, and wrote this book to inspire and entertain readers with true stories covering an amazing range of widely divergent subjects. Some of the subjects covered are common to most people, birth, death, family problems, as well as business successes and failures. Others dealt with include mental health issues (bi-polar, Alzheimer's, and autism) kittens, ghosts, animal communications, a congressman, spirituality, a knife-wielding hitchhiker, Hell's Angels.....and more.

Her hope is that readers will be entertained and inspired by the stories, as they are reminded of occasions in their own lives which have taught and strengthened them.

The Amazon button below will take you directly to the page where you can order your copy.

It is now available on Amazon for paperbsck and Kindle orders, since December 1, 2022.

The Talking Badge is a collection of true stories, fictionalized as necessary, by a cop who worked the streets for 30 years—twenty as a K-9 and bomb squad officer. Straight from the heart, self-described “crazy cop” Mike Garner tells you what it’s like to serve and protect the public. You'll experience what it's like to go on some of the funniest, saddest, and most exciting radio calls that can be imagined,

You will never look at a cop on the street the same way after reading The Talking Badge. Learn why police officers do what they do and see why even the simplest traffic stop can become a life-or-death moment. Learn through a cop’s eye view why so many police officers are at risk of stress-related illnesses, divorce, alcoholism, and suicide.

The Talking Badge shows you the cold truth of what it was like to be a cop during Mike's tenure, but also explains why many procedures have changed. The book discusses what still needs to be changed to help both the officers and their families cope with the physical dangers and incredible mental stresses of the job.

Names have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent, and some incidents have been adapted to protect privacy while still conveying the essence of a police officer’s life and work.

Adult language and graphic, sometimes very disturbing, content.

Front cover , w_white text.jpg
Beautiful Americas cover.jpg

From Sky-High to Sci-Fi, you’ll find an eclectic group of 30 stories in Beautiful Americas, the theme for NCPA’s 7th Anthology. Join thirty authors, each with a delightful tale, as they take us: on a bike ride to Yellowstone, and close calls with bison * cross country skiing in Yosemite with someone ending up in a tree * hiking into the Grand Canyon on a honeymoon * on a grueling hike with 2 young daughters into Pele’s Temple on the Big Island * hiking the Continental Divide to summit Fitzpatrick Peak in CO.

Also playing with turtles in the Galapagos * a ride on a “Fun Ship” in the Bermuda Triangle * finding a cousin in Brazil, and a crack in the earth in NV.

A move from CA to VA * a trip from CA to AZ * walking their land in CA * watching the nightlights in Detroit City * moving back and forth from east to west * more touring the US in a trailer * visiting family in NC * traveling Route 66 with Steinbeck and Kerouac* and finding the Golden Dream in Murphys, CA.

There are Pecan rolls in WI * butterflies at 6 Flags in CA * cats, rats and roaches in LA * a glasshouse in PA * visiting the Sacramento River and Sea Ranch in CA * with lost tickets to a train and the ride gone astray from Stockton to San Bernardino *

There are emotional, sad, happy, and fun stories, plus a teenage love story that lasts a lifetime. Some are circa Twilight Zone * Add three wild brothers and our two continuing storylines when Nacht the cat and a new feral, Taz, talk with their human, then go shape shifting with the fox and owl, Dex and Felicity, with their twins at Mount Rushmore!

Our Current Titles
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She Survives, front cover
Strive and Protect, front cover
Desperate Choices, front cover
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When Stuff's Not Enough
There's No Lake on Lake Street
The  Big Book of Ken's Corner


Lots of new and updated information to help you stay abreast of industry changes.

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Tom Flynn, Medium & Healer, front cover
Front Cover, Bearded Dragons
Destination The World, Volume One
All Holidays 2020, front cover
Destination The World, Volume Two, front cover
I Can Dance, front cover
Captal Crimes Anthology, front cover
Behind The Badge, front cover
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