Reading is one of the greatest joys in life, the pure magic of storytelling on paper.   Samati Press chooses books to publish based on the belief that all good books should bring something positive—make you think, make you laugh, remind you of precious memories, teach you about history or different cultures, or provide pure entertainment. That positive effect will then be reflected through the readers to the world at large.

Samati Press is not a traditional publisher, nor is it a standard hybrid with specific packages for authors to choose from. Our goal is to abide by the highest professional standards of writing, editing and publishing, while nurturing and supporting the individual writer's own personal voice. That means our agreements and arrangements with authors we publish are individually tailored to that book and that author's vision, while adhering to our high publishing criterion.

Samati Press has published a wide variety of books. We do not, however, publish either erotica or children's books. Erotica has a large following, but does not suit our publishing mission. Children's books require specialized skills, both for text and illustrations, and are best suited for publishers who are experts in that genre. If you need a publisher for your Erotica or Children's book, please send me a message (contact us), or via the "Let's Chat!" box, and we will try to provide you with a referral link.

Our Current Titles

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Take advantage of these special Kindle promotional prices and catch up on the series prior to receiving your copy of Her Triumph when it's released:

She Survives            $   .99 

Strive and Protect     $ 1.49

Desperate Choices   $ 1.99

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