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Desperate Choices,

Book Three of the Laura's Dash Series

"...Taken together, these four novels are a tour de force chronicling the plight of one woman, while holding up a magnifying glass for us to evaluate our history and our societal ills. Darrow pulls no punches, but offers a starkly beautiful tribute to a life well lived."

         M. L. Hamilton

Desperate Choices is Book three of the Laura's Dash Series. The first book covered Laura's hardscrabble upbringing and her escape from a vicious, abusive father. In the second book, we followed her life as an adult, wife, and mother coping with the Great Depression. Desperate Choices brings new challenges when Laura's husband has a mental breakdown and is committed to an insane asylum. Laura has to survive with no support from her husband, no help from a community that stigmatizes people with a mental disorder, and a world caught up in fears of a new world war. Somehow she must nurture and protect her children, while holding on to hope for their future


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Dear President Obama,

I started your book two weeks ago and stopped to read a few chapters from Desperate Choices. I meant to read a few chapters to take a break from your book. I’m sorry to say, I couldn’t stop until I finished Desperate Choices, so your A Promised Land was put on the wayside. I finished Desperate Choices in two days; I could have finished it in a day but like that dish of dark chocolate, I had to take little bites to relish the pleasure  of my senses. It was uplifting to read of well developed characters as in the healthy happy children with a mother with loving parental skills.  I was even tempted to skip to the end for a happy ending because of the plot, but had to respect the writer. It was such a pleasure to read a story with chronological time lines as too many novels now flip time frames and it can be confusing, not to mention the break in story telling. I won’t mention the ending but I am now waiting for the fourth book because there is more to the ending. Okay, I’ll get back to your book now and yes, I know there will be a second volume. I hope the fourth to Sharon Darrow’s series will be published after your second volume or I will need to repeat this again, putting her book before yours.  Sorry, Mr. Obama.

     Frances Kakugawa

Desperate Choices is the third in the Laura’s Dash Series and I hope it’s not the last. Although emotionally overwhelming at times, any mother can easily connect with some of what Laura experiences. There’s an internal struggle going on here that we did not see in the first two books and I won’t go into detail because that would serve as a spoiler. Suffice to say that Laura faces every kind of discrimination possible, and even though she struggles daily, she comes out on top. This is one strong woman – I would say she has a backbone of steel and an unbeatable determination for not just surviving, but for thriving. Desperate Choices delves into mental illness during a time when it was severely misunderstood. Sharon Darrow, you’ve done it again and with each book I feel as if I knew Laura. I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for an exceptional read.

     Authors Show Linda

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