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Strive and Protect,

Book Two of the Laura's Dash Series

"...Taken together, these four novels are a tour de force chronicling the plight of one woman, while holding up a magnifying glass for us to evaluate our history and our societal ills. Darrow pulls no punches, but offers a starkly beautiful tribute to a life well lived."

         M. L. Hamilton

Laura was raised to hide who she was. She'd been told repeatedly to never reveal her Cherokee heritage, or the fact that she'd been attacked by her own father. And no one should ever know she had the “Second Sight,” or they might think she was crazy or possessed.


Somehow Laura built a life on her own, married a good man who adored her, and had children, all while managing to keep her secrets. She was determined to raise her children in a home filled with love and support, rather than in an atmosphere of fear and pain like the one she'd known. 


Laura's husband shared her ideals, but had demons and fears of his own from his experiences in World War I. Together they worked hard, but their best intentions were repeatedly beaten down by the realities of life during the Great Depression. 


Now available in Paperback, Kindle, and the new Audiobook. The story comes alive through the efforts of narrator Kelly Wilkinson,

whose enthusiasm for the book and warm voice adds a lovely new dimension.


Strive & Protect Audiobook Cover.png

Sharon Darrow’s Strive and Protect is the second in the Laura’s Dash series, and it does not disappoint. Picking up where She Survives left off, Laura is back again, this time as a strong-minded adult. After a harrowing childhood where she was told to never speak of her Cherokee heritage and was attacked by her father, she’s determined to build a life that is filled with love and happiness. She marries and becomes a mother, but is steadfast in her decision to keep her past secret. Between her husband’s experiences in World War 1 and raising a family during the Great Depression, the odds seem against this couple. Strive and Protect ends on a sad, and yet hopeful note, and most certainly leaves you aching for more. Darrow has a talent for writing in a way that makes you feel you are part of the story, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Laura in the third book of this series. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your grandmother’s story with us.

     Authors Show Linda

After the success of the award winning,  She Survives,  I wasn't sure Darrow could top the semi-biographical story inspired by her grandmother; however, Strive and Protect has the same urgency as the first, but it also has something more. Set during the Great Depression, the novel takes historical facts and makes you feel like you are there, suffering with the characters. Darrow brings the time period alive. Once again, Darrow has a winner. Strive and Protect picks up where  She Survives  leaves off and lets the reader experience a harrowing period in American history.

     M. L. Hamilton

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