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She Survives,

Book One of the Laura's Dash Series

"...Taken together, these four novels are a tour de force chronicling the plight of one woman, while holding up a magnifying glass for us to evaluate our history and our societal ills. Darrow pulls no punches, but offers a starkly beautiful tribute to a life well lived."

         M. L. Hamilton

Laura was born in Indian Territory #6, in a sod house outside of what is now Ardmore, Oklahoma. Her mother, a full-blood Cherokee, died when Laura was only three years old. Her oldest sister, Ruth, just twelve, suddenly had to take on all of their mother's responsibilities for the children and household. Their father was a vicious, abusive man who taught his children to be ashamed of their heritage.


Laura was born with a caul, believed to forecast the gift of "second sight." Laura's intuitive abilities started to manifest shortly after her mother died when she would feel her mother's presence and hear her humming. Unfortunately, being intuitive in the early 1900s in Oklahoma was considered proof of the devil's work.


This book is Historical Fiction but was inspired by a real woman, the author’s maternal grandmother. It's meant to honor her, and all of the other ordinary women throughout history who overcame incredible challenges.       

Now available in Paperback, Kindle, and the new Audiobook. The story comes alive through the efforts of narrator Kelly Wilkinson,

whose enthusiasm for the book and warm voice adds a lovely new dimension.


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She Survives, Audiobook cover.png

There was a character I wanted whipped, jailed and even dead after the first chapter. The author pulled me into the story right there and kept me to the end and that's talent. Each character is so well-developed through dialogue, behavior and events. When I leave off household chores or even my own writing to finish a book, that's called a story. Am looking forward to the rest of the series.

     Frances H. Kakugawa

Not for the faint of heart, this historical narrative pulls the reader in with its detailed descriptions, authentic Okie dialogue, and down-home characterizations. Ruth and her sister Laura must cope with the death of their mother and the transformation of their father into a man capable of tremendous cruelty. A page-turning saga of desperation in the rural America of the early 1900s. Highly recommended. Can't wait for the sequel!

     Gini Grossenbacher

The story opens in August 1903 in rural Oklahoma. Farm life is hard but an abusive father makes it harder. He brutally terrorizes his wife and five children, keeping them in constant fear. Fortunately, there are triumphs as well as tragedies.

This book is incredibly well written. Sharon S. Darrow has a masterful touch. The common clichés used in book reviews are “riveting” and “compelling,” but those words apply exactly to “She Survives.” I read it in one sitting! I encourage you to get this book.

     Barry Schoenborn

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