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Species from other worlds are discovering  that humans have joined galactic space travelers. Slade and his Atlean friends represent their world, Atlearon, a world with morphers and telepaths. For a few decades, allied species visit each other's worlds and form small colonies with minimal strife.

When an old Atlean nemesis surfaces from past wars, he instigates an all-out revolt to the Human-Atlean alliance. 

Shedding their roles as diplomats, Slade and his closest friends must revert to their wartime skills as rangers and spies to stop their old foe. A powerful aquatic telepath, Venamir was their most cunning opponent in the past, and he has upped his game.

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An exceptional, futuristic landmark among colorful, greatly diverse beings of land and sea, human and otherwise.  A fight for justice, for the best quality of life through all creation. Action packed with vivid visualizations. Greatly enjoyable. 

     Andrea Roth, memoir and childrens                                          book author.


Morphers and Mayhem is an irresistible roller-coaster ride of action and humor. Prepare to love this hell-raising gang of morphers in their no-holds-barred battle to keep earth-hating uber-villain Venamir from destroying all efforts for diplomacy between worlds. Action is your                                       meat and milk. 

     Cathy McGreevy, fantasy and historical romance writer.     


Morphers and Mayhem, a Werefolk Tale and Berta Davis:  I have worked with Bert on her wondrous book of fantasy, action, and suspense. Prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime, or perhaps spacetime,  along with theensuing adventure, and the thrill of the hunt.  

     Tony Marcolongo, Author & Vietnam Vet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



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