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Navigating The Publishing Maze,
Self-Publishing 101
Third Edition

People are excited when you tell them you're a writer -- little do they know that writing a book is the easy, fun part. Getting that book published is the hard part, especially since the rules keep changing. Doing it all by yourself the first time is a little like following an overgrown, potholed path through a jungle at night in the middle of a monsoon! 

Choosing the best publishing path is based on a multitude of decisions, ones that only you, the writer, can make. The time to begin making those decisions is while you're working on your manuscript.

Navigating The Publishing Maze, Self-Publishing 101 is designed to help you make those choices and to understand why they're important. There are no single right answers, because every author and manuscript combination is unique. This material provides a starting point, and the references at the back of the workbook are there to assist you in researching valuable additional information.

This third edition incorporates many changes in the industry since the second edition was published, as well as additional helpful information.

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