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From Sky-High to Sci-Fi, you’ll find an eclectic group of 30 stories in Beautiful Americas, the theme for NCPA’s 7th Anthology. Join thirty authors, each with a delightful tale, as they take us: on a bike ride to Yellowstone, and close calls with bison * cross country skiing in Yosemite with someone ending up in a tree * hiking into the Grand Canyon on a honeymoon * on a grueling hike with 2 young daughters into Pele’s Temple on the Big Island * hiking the Continental Divide to summit Fitzpatrick Peak in CO.

Also playing with turtles in the Galapagos * a ride on a “Fun Ship” in the Bermuda Triangle * finding a cousin in Brazil, and a crack in the earth in NV.

A move from CA to VA * a trip from CA to AZ * walking their land in CA * watching the nightlights in Detroit City * moving back and forth from east to west * more touring the US in a trailer * visiting family in NC * traveling Route 66 with Steinbeck and Kerouac* and finding the Golden Dream in Murphys, CA.

There are Pecan rolls in WI * butterflies at 6 Flags in CA * cats, rats and roaches in LA * a glasshouse in PA * visiting the Sacramento River and Sea Ranch in CA * with lost tickets to a train and the ride gone astray from Stockton to San Bernardino *

There are emotional, sad, happy, and fun stories, plus a teenage love story that lasts a lifetime. Some are circa Twilight Zone * Add three wild brothers and our two continuing storylines when Nacht the cat and a new feral, Taz, talk with their human, then go shape shifting with the fox and owl, Dex and Felicity, with their twins at Mount Rushmore!

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