Our Authors are as unique as the books they've created. 

Berta Davis, author of Morphers and Mayhem, a Werefolk Tale. 

Berta Davis and her cats

Roberta “Berta” Davis has always been a fan of sci-fi/fantasy stories as well as classical literature and mythology. Most of her career was in aviation maintenance. She now works as a tech writer by day, Sci-fi by night. She is published in anthologies from her current and former writers clubs, predominantly with a series of feral cat stories starring a black cat named Nacht. Morphers and Mayhem is her first novel. Roberta is a steadfast supporter of animal and wildlife rescue. She has four cats and cares for a small feral cat colony. Her current ventures are to expand her published works and work as a freelance writer/graphic designer and hopefully, an animal behaviorist.

Mike Garner, author of Behind the Badge, and the soon to be released The Talking Badge, Battle Scars of Police Work. 

Mike's cropped headshot flipped.png

Mike Garner grew up in Marysville, California, with his older brother, Billy. Their dad was a Lab Technician and their mom was a housewife. Billy made Mike a tough kid with all his bullying and beat downs. They fought, but were also best friends.


Sports was a huge part of Mike's life growing up, and kept him out of trouble in high school, but a lot of his friends were part of a rough crowd. Drinking beer and smoking pot became part of his life at an early age and continued until he became a cop. The pot had to stop, but the drinking didn't.

Mike ended up in the police academy—wondering what in the hell he'd gotten into—because he was in love and needed a good job to get married. After five years he joined the K-9 Unit and the Bomb Squad. He served for two decades in those positions, which was not very common because the job was so dangerous.

Working in such intense units for so many years had a deep and lasting affect on Mike and his family. Over time, he learned to use his experiences to help other cops, and served as an instructor until his retirement.

After retiring, Mike took on the biggest challenge of his life, the job of caring for his mother as she deteriorated with Alzheimer's. Now Mike's goal is to "pay it forward" by helping other cops and their families cope with the stresses of the job. Writing his books about his years of service and the lessons he learned is his way of doing that.



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