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All Holidays 2020, An NCPA Anthology.png

All Holidays 2020,

An NCPA Anthology

Our cover indicates winter holidays, but NCPA offers this warning: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover. ALL Holidays

means exactly that, ALL HOLIDAYS. NCPA's 1st Annual ALL Holiday 2020 anthology includes a variety of traditional and non-traditional holidays from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve, with celebrations from many lands, religions, and cultures. For the first time we introduce poetry in all forms: from rhyming and free form, to traditional and non-traditional Haiku, plus Haikai, Haibun, Renga and Cherita. 

We visit: Valentine's Day * Palm Synday and Good Friday * 4th of July * Halloween * Thanksgiving, Advent and Hanukkah. We look forward to a Christmas return of two favorites: our shapeshifter foxes, Dex & Felicity with a new romantic adventure, and reforming-feral cat, Nacht, tells a new batch of ferals a fireside story. Mrs. Claus shares her undying love for Santa. We learn about Kwanzaa, Christmas in the Philippines, preparing for Christmas in Nigeria, and Carnival in the Caribbean with moko jumbies.

Included are some fun, and some poignant, stories about * how Christmas lights are different in Copenhagen * kids don't care about the wrapping paper * the importance of a Sears Catalogue * handmade ceramic ornaments * a golden peanut * old-time memories from 8mm film * kindness of strangers * taking down and putting away Christmas stuff * hopping in Dad's footsteps in the snow * mischief during camp holidays * Christmas with little sister * throwing acorns on Arbor Day * Christmas in July * and the Perseid Meteor Showers in August. Even a taste of some of the wild and goofy national holidays celebrated each month.

NCPA's First Holiday Anthology is packed as full as a Christmas stocking with enjoyable stories and entertaining traditions.

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