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             Reading this book has inspired me in several ways. Going through so many rough times of her own, in all her lives, made the author a stronger person. I enjoyed the book most of all because of how it was written. The writer's honesty, humility and the pictures she verbally painted gives the reader a clear understanding of each story. 

            I could relate to many of the stories and experiences in my own life. I like her honesty talking about things people don't understand. She's had a very interesting life and I was impressed with the way she told each of the stories. The reader can tell she is recounting actual events as if watching them happen. 

            Mike Garner, author of Behind the Badge and The Talking Badge.


Could it be that whenever we say, "I can't do that," or "I don't have time to try that," or "I don't want to do that," we're ignoring an opportunity? Could it be that saying yes more often in life almost guarantees more opportunities? The author believes that nothing in life is an accident, and wrote this book to inspire and entertain readers with true stories covering an amazing range of widely divergent topics. Some of the subjects covered are common to most people—love and marriage, birth, death, family problems, as well as business successes and failures. Others include mental health issues, kittens, ghosts, animal communications, a congressman, spirituality, a knife- wielding hitchhiker, Hell's Angels...and more. Her hope is that readers will be entertained and inspired by the stories as they are reminded of occasions in their own lives which have taught and strengthened them.

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