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Behind The Badge,

Thirty Years of Working the Streets

Go behind the badge with Mike Garner, a thirty-year police officer who saw it all on the streets of Sacramento. From the anxiety of training, through the terror of facing armed criminals with nothing to lose, to the horror of gruesome crime scenes, Behind the Badge takes you into the real world of police work. 

Straight from the heart, self-described "crazy cop" Mike Garner shows you what it's like to serve and protect the public. Whether it is the comedy of after-hours horseplay, the tragedy of telling a parent about a child's death, or the grim evidence at a violent crime scene, Mike Garner lays it all out.

You will never look at a cop on the street the same way after reading Behind the Badge. Learn why police officers do what they do, and see why even the simplest traffic stop can become a life-or-death moment.

Live through academy training, bomb squad experience, chases and arrests, triumphs and disasters, and the inner turmoil of responsibility for citizens' safety and well-being. Learn through a cop's eye view why so many police officers are at risk of stress-related illnesses, divorce, alcoholism, and suicide.

In Behind the Badge, you'll learn the cold truth of what it's like to be a cop.

Names have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent, and particular incidents have been adapted to protect privacy while still conveying the essence of a police officer's life and work.


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