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All Holidays,

An NCPA Anthology
Volume Two

Our 2nd ALL Holidays Volume returns with stories, flash fiction and more poems. Visit traditional and non-traditional celebrations from 30 authors sharing holidays from Thanksgiving to Halloween: Hanukkah * Christmas * New Year's Eve * Valentine's Day * St. Patrick's Day * Memorial Day * Mother's & Father's Days * 4th of July. In addition, Chinese New Year * High School reunion * Costa Rican Especial Day * Unbirthday * Arbor Day * National Cat Day * Best Friends' Day * MLK Day * Philippine Quinceanera * Purple Heart Day. 

Back for the 6th time, series favorites, semi-feral Nacht complains about fireworks  * Dex & Felicity, our romantic shapeshifter foxes with two happy surprises: one from Grandma * More romance in the air thanks to a power outage in Washington state * an elevator and dropped briefcase. Letters take us on a trip back in time * a ring brings memories * missing important signs * "unmeasured " ingredients * missing in San Francisco * special shed called "The Magazine * once precious grandson turned little demon * an unruly pumpkin * Christmas with little ones in Germany * another word for donkey * pharmacies open on Christmas * Golden Corral buffet; like cooking at home used to be * jingle bells ringing.

A young boy's wish comes true * another's belief in Santa is prolonged * "feral" boys learn a lesson * little girls fix a special breakfast * crashing a Gothic Mansion party * Caribbean funky amphibian shoes * Good Shepherd pendant * meaningful box of stamped, blank cards * a day at a small school in the 60s * a visit from Humpty * one final celebration with Beethoven.  

NCPA's Second Holiday anthology is as stuffed with fun and entertaining stories as the turkey is with dressing.

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