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"Pay It Forward" Always a winning strategy!

Are you a writer or an author? According to Google the difference is simple, A writer can be anyone who writes anything. An author is a distinguished and professional writer who has published and sold their work. There was no explanation of what makes a writer distinguished and professional, but we all know what it means to publish and sell our work. As I stated in a previous blog, the writing community is a tremendous resource, but that needs to go both ways. John Key, a former Prime Minister of New Zealand said, "You get out of life what you put into it" and that is how to get the most out of the writing community. Don't just try out groups by attending meetings and events—find ways to contribute with your knowledge and time. Look for opportunities to share what you've learned with others and do so with enthusiasm. Don't be afraid or ashamed of talking about mistakes you've made and how you worked your way out of them. All of us have made mistakes, big and little, but hopefully we've learned from them. By sharing you can help someone avoid the consequences that you experienced. And when you participate in a writing group, local or online, you will get back far more than you put in. So go and volunteer, I guarantee that every group you check out is looking for more help!

Every new writer, and some established authors that should know better, seem to be afraid that someone is waiting in the wings to steal their idea. If you do some research, you'll discover that there are seven basic plot lines for books:

  • Overcoming the monster.

  • Rags to riches.

  • The quest.

  • Voyage and return.

  • Comedy.

  • Tragedy.

  • Rebirth.

So quit worrying about someone stealing your story and relax! Yes, it has surely happened, but the liklihood is so unlikely that worrying is truly a waste of time. And even if somebody writes material that is like yours, it will be completely different because you are different people with different writing styles. So get out there and talk with other writers! Treasure their suggestions, listen to their ideas, and help them with their work in any way you can. They say that Whatever you give out comes back a hundred-fold so give in every way you can without reservation or fear. After all, if fear is the lack of faith, believe in yourself and show it in everything you do!


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